Repenting for Sins? This may take a while...

Monday, September 20, 2010

NOTE: I wrote this on Saturday (Yom Kippur).  Apparently I forgot to hit publish, so here's my Saturday blog...still relevant, just a few days late. 

Today is Yom Kippur.  The direct English translation from the Hebrew is the "Day of Atonement".  This day is called the Day of Atonement because that’s when Jews atone for their sins in front of God and God alone. But, in order to do that, all matters between mere mortals have to be settled first;  all wrongs must be righted and all debts must be paid (and that includes moral debts which are the trickiest because they are the pesky little ones  that we conveniently push to the back of our minds).  Traditionally we observe this holy day with a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer.

A little Yom Kippur humor?

SO BASICALLY it means it's the time to repent for the sins you've committed in the past year. I have until sundown tonight to repent, and failure to do so would result in my name not being written in the "Book of Life". 

Pretty heavy stuff huh? 
I have to admit, that I'm in a bit of a "Jewish identity crisis" and seeing that it's Yom Kippur doesn't make it any easier.  This is the first year in my life that I haven't attended the majority of High Holiday Services (excluding the year I lived abroad in Romania, and maybe one year when I was sick as a child).  I have decided to take this time to do some self-reflection and praying instead of joining the masses at Temple.  I'm trying on this shoe, to see how it fits.  If it doesn't feel right, back to Temple I go next year for prayer with the other Jews.

So as I sit here, doing some self-reflection, I can't help but think about the "topic at hand".  REPENTING OF SINS!!!  --insert ominous "DUN DUN DUN" here-- Over this past year, what "sins" have I committed?  Who have I done wrong? What do I need to apologize for? Who do I need to apologize to? 

And this is where it gets tricky for me.  Let me start by saying, I don't think I'm a saint.  I have my flaws, I make mistakes, sometimes I make really bad choices.  But I'm human.  Haven't we all done something we later have remorse for?  It all comes down to that I truly try to be the best person I can be each day.  If I make a mistake or wrong someone, I apologize then (and not wait to do so once a year at Yom Kippur). I've never been the type of person who lives their life on regrets.  I regret nothing I've ever done.  Sometimes I have to learn hard lessons (and sometimes more then once) but all of those experiences have made me the strong, confident woman I am today. 

I'm a believer in Karma, and "what goes around, comes around".  If you are a good person, doing good things, and adding positivity to the world....good things will come your way.  If you're a sh*t, and a drain on the community/man-kind....things probably won't be turning up roses for you.  I lead a good life, I'm happy, I have a loving family, I have fabulous friends. Yes, things aren't perfect...but ultimately LIFE IS GOOD!!! I feel fortunate to have a day like today to re-focus and re-prioritize.  In the next year, I strive to be a better person.  And as a result I'm confident I will become a better daughter, sister, friend, confident, employee, and student!

Here's to a new year of positivity and growth...


  1. Kimberly said...:

    I love your attitude and views. You are such a great person and I am (as well as everyone whom you surround yourself with) truly blessed to have you as a friend!

  1. Sarah Bear said...:

    Awww...thanks my dear. I am truly blessed to have YOU as a friend. Love ya!!!!

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