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Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Monday marked the 12th Birthday of GOOGLE.   Although the exact date has always been a mystery, Google has always celebrated its anniversary every year on September 27. Now that Google is about to enter its teenage years, I can't help but think about what life was like PG (pre-google). 

It seems like just yesterday we all began to use a basic search page called Google. Google?!  I remember wondering what a "google" was, and why everyone was using it.  All other search websites had names like Excite, InfoSeek, and something called Yahoo. Before there was Google I remember being an avid user of and loved asking the electronic butler "Jeeves" to find my answer.  But when Google hit the net, I was instantly hooked. So besides having a silly name, why did Google become then number one search-engine used? 
  • It was SIMPLE
    • Where everyone else was adding bells and whistles, Google was taking them away.
  • It was FAST
    • Google was (and still is) the fastest search engine on the planet.
  • It was RELEVANT
    • Other search engines made finding information too hard.  Trying to find out why we have a trade embargo with Cuba? Pre-Google you would probably have to wade through TONS of not-so-authoritative results and page after page of irrelevant info.  Google figured out how to make the most meaningful results show up first.
  • .It was a BUSINESS (which makes more money today than anyone could have ever predicted)
    •  Once Google monopolized search traffic, the ability to monetize was, fair to say, a satisfying reward.
I can't imagine my life without Google now.  Besides it being my homepage, I know I use it at least 7 times a day (much more if I'm doing homework or shopping).  Is Ashton cheating on Demi?  I Googled it.  Graphic of a cannon needed for my UNR vs UNLV t-shirts?  I Googled it.  The address of the middle school I work at?  I GOOGLED IT! You name it, I've Googled it.

You know something has "made it big" or is at least relevant in our society when it makes it into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  You can Google.  You can be Googled.  And you can be caught Googling. 

Google has allowed the stalker in all of us to thrive.  Going on a date?  You can bet that person's been Googled before you leave your house.  Wondering if your ex is married?  Google him and find out! Looking for a long-lost friend?  Bet you can find her on Google! And what about Googling yourself?  I've done it.  I know you've done it!  Honestly, everyone I have spoken to has Googled themselves at one time.

Google is available over 120 languages and has been localized for many countries. Google has always had a sense of humor.  They have also made their interface to include some languages for humorous purposes like: Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin, and Pirate (just to name a few). 

Most of the students I work with don't know a life without Google.  They know what encyclopedias are but they always tell me that unless their teacher tells them they have to do it "the old fashioned way" they just Google their questions instead.  I do the same thing for my college courses. I prefer using Google first before I hit the books. The Internet is not always the best place to find credible sources for my research paper, but Google has never let me down when it comes to trying to find a focus or a starting point for a paper of research assignment. 

Recently I had a conversation about the "7 Deadly Sins" with some friends. We couldn't remember all seven and were going crazy.  "Back in the day" we would just have to deal with not knowing the answer.  We would just have to accept the fact that we may not know the answer until we got home and pulled out a reference book of some-sort.  Google has allowed us to never have to ponder a question or go with one unanswered. 

Just saying Google's name makes me smile. It pours out of your mouth in such a glorious way.  GOOGLE.  Fun to say, even more fun to use.  So with that said, it's time for me to end this blog.  Why?  Because I have some research to do for work and must get-a-GOOGLING! 


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