Sometimes You Just Need To...

Monday, January 24, 2011

The number one question I hear on Monday's is, "How was your weekend Sarah?"

I almost always respond "it was good" as I re-play my weekend in my head searching for some details that are appropriate to share with my co-workers or the person who is wondering.  I don't live a super crazy life, but telling the people I work with that I spent the weekend drinking or partying doesn't seem like the most appropriate answer to share with people at a middle school. 

I guess I have already developed a bit of a reputation (by my secretary that is) of being a "party girl".  I think that's a bit of an over-exaggeration, but I do like to partake in the variety of special events that this city has to offer.  Wine Walk?  I'm there!  A "crawl" downtown?  You bet, I like most of them (Santa, Zombie, Pirate, etc).  A night out on the town? Count me in! Honestly, I really don't need much of a reason to go out and have a good time.  A good time will follow where ever I'm at. 
So when people at work asked me today how my weekend was, they were surprised to hear that my relaxing weekend consisted of me spending time at home.  Yes, you read that right.  I spent the majority of my weekend at home!

Now don't get me wrong, I had plenty of invites to do things.  My wine-tasting group had our monthly "meeting" and the theme was champagne (my fav!).  I was invited to play cards and games with some of my Besties.  And performing artist (singer) Mickey Avalon was in town and normally I would have loved to see his show.  Surprisingly enough, I declined all invites.

Why?  I decided that for once, I needed a little ME time!  I couldn't remember the last time I spent a Saturday night at home.  The idea of spending the day in my yoga-pants and tshirt actually excited me!  When my friends asked if I was ok, I realized that I was just fine.  As I tried to make excuses for why I didn't want to go out, I came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to have a low-key weekend to myself.  The next few weekends are going to be jam-packed with a variety of events ranging from a Superbowl Party, bday celebrations (mine and others), and an Engagement Party in El Lay for my brother and his fiance.  A weekend to myself was exactly what I needed to recharge my system.

I spent my Saturday night kitty-sitting my mom's cat and watching old movies my mom had saved on her DVR.  I watched a wonderfully inaccurate Western called "Virginia City" and while the love-story held up, I laughed at the scenery.  Since when does Northern Nevada look like the Grand Canyon?  I was in bed by 10:30 and asleep by 11. 

I woke up Sunday morning to missed calls and texts from the night before from several of my friends wondering what I was up to and if I would come out and "play".  I was happy to wake up rejuvenated, well-rested, and most importantly NOT hungover!  (CLICK HERE TO READ WHY I'VE STOPPED DRINKING)

The lesson I learned this past weekend was it's not only OK to take some "me time" it's also desperately important to do so.  Most of us spend our lives running from one place to another.  We work hard to make sure that others are taken care of and that other people's needs are met.  I'm glad that I was able to put myself first and take a time-out just for ME!

Choices We Take for Granted...

Friday, January 21, 2011

We make choices everyday. 

Some choices are easy and we do without thinking.
We choose to to open our eyes each day.  We choose to let air enter our lungs. We choose to continue to get out of bed each morning, face the world, and go on living.

Some choices are harder.
We choose what we want to wear.  We choose which career path we want to follow.  We choose our friends.  We choose how we're going to spend our day. 

Some choices are extremely difficult and not easy to make.
We may have to choose career vs love. We may choose to have put down an ill or old pet. We may have to choose groceries vs holiday presents. We may have to choose to take a loved one off of life-support. 

Others may agree with your choices, others my oppose your views.
But the thing is, it's OUR CHOICE!  That is part of the beauty of living in this country.  As Americans we get to choose how we live our lives.  We get to choose where we reside, and where we work, and what we do with our free time.  But most importantly....we get to choose what we do with our bodies!

Today is the 38th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  On this day, the Supreme Court decided that it's a woman's choice to have an abortion.  That was in 1973.  It is 2011 and even though access to abortion is legal, our right to it is anything but safe. Anti-choice groups attack our right to choose at every opportunity.

I am without a doubt pro-choice (if it's not already obvious).  When it comes to pregnancy and abortions, each woman is in their own unique situation.  What works for one woman may not work for others.  There are so many possible scenarios out there.  Who's to tell us what is right and what is wrong?  More importantly, what churches, clergy, and government officials think it's ok to tell a woman what SHE can do with HER body? 

Although I've never had to make the difficult decision to have an abortion, I am grateful that I have that choice.  And I am appreciative that I have the choice to have birth control available to me, so I won't bring a life into this world until I'm ready.

In honor of Roe vs Wade, bloggers nation-wide were invited to participate in the 6th annual Blog for Choice Day sponsored by the NARAL Pro-Choice America (READ MORE HERE). I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the response.  My friend Stephanie turned my on to today's initiative.  She wrote about a Pro-Choice America in her blog (CHECK IT OUT HERE).  To read other people's blogs, CLICK HERE.

So as we celebrate our ability to make choices today, I ask you...what do you take for granted?  What choices are you able to make because we have the legal, American right to?  Now think about what would happen if we had that ability of choose taken away.

Express yourself today!  And remember to appreciate what you have, as being able to choose is not only a luxury, it's a true blessing!

My Liver Will Thank Me...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My liver and kidney's hurt!

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but over Winter Break, I believe I did some damage to my body.  Although I had a fabulous vacation, I didn't do much besides relax, hang with my friends who also had the two weeks off, drink, eat, party, and celebrate.  I guess the holiday season is supposed to be about consumption but I believe I took gluttony to a whole new level.

Although I took a week to recoup after vacation, I spent last weekend drinking and partying in San Francisco for the Nevada vs Boston KRAFT Fight Hunger Bowl Game.  Needless to say, my body HATES me right now. 

After being in a world of hurt, I decided last Monday to say good-bye to my dear friend alcohol for a bit.  I have resolved to give up the hooch until my birthday celebration the first weekend of February.  I know that might not seem like a long time but it's the perfect amount to get my body back on the right track to feeling better.
Dear Liver: I have punished you enough!
I thought about giving up drinking for good, but have decided against it.  I have to admit that I'm the type of person who enjoys having a cocktail or a glass of wine.  While some people hate the way alcohol tastes, I enjoy it.  And more then just the taste of a refreshing Gin and Tonic, Mojito, or Lemon Drop...I enjoy the social aspect of drinking.  I like chatting with my friends, meeting new people, laughing, and cutting lose.  I know you don't need alcohol to do these things, but it does make it more fun!

This past weekend my friends and I celebrated the next chapter of one of our friend's lives.  She is moving out of Reno for a period of time and we wanted to give her the proper send off.  It was interesting being the sober one the whole weekend, and while I was tempted to take a shot the delicious peppermint flavored Rumple Minz, I found it surprisingly easy to say no.  I thought I would have a terrible time watching everyone drink, and being the D.D.  Instead, I actually had a lot of fun! 

And you know what was more fun?  Not being hungover the next morning!  While my friends nursed a two to three day hangover, I felt good.
I always thought people were full of crap when they said the older they got, the more a hangover hurt.  I just thought that was a "light-weight's" excuse for not being able to hold their liquor.  As I'm entering my 28th year on this earth, I'm realizing that a night of drinking does damage to my system.  I don't bounce back as quickly as I did when I was 21!  After just one night of drinking, it usually takes a good 48 hours until I start feeling like myself again.  And you know what?  I'm so damn busy in my life right now, I can't afford to take two days to recoup.  Even more then that, I hate feeling like shit as I try to make it through my daily routine.  If I'm only feeling 50%, I'm probably only putting out 25% of the productivity as I normally do...and that's just NOT acceptable!

So with that said, I wish my friends Tanqueray, Three Olive, Rumple Minz, and Captain Morgan adieu.  And as fair Juliette said, "Parting is such sweet sorrow" until we meet again in 18 days!

She Said YES!

Monday, January 17, 2011
Let me start off by saying that I have always been a proud Big Sister.

I love my brother more then words can say.  He and I have always been super close, and while we had our bickering as children, I would say that we have a pretty solid relationship.  Yes, we need to stay in better communication and talk more.  But when we do reconnect, it's like we haven't missed a beat. And even though he lives in Southern California, the hundreds of miles that separate us feels like just a stone's throw.

Dan is exactly two and a half years younger then me. Although he's super sarcastic, he's also the smartest most intelligent, humble person I know.  He's so articulate, level headed, and responsible.  While I have always been the free spirit, my brother has always been the one to achieve any goal he sets (and with flying colors).  He may be my little brother, but I have to admit that I constantly look up to him!

In addition to being the more "responsible" sibling, Dan has also been the one who is great with relationships. While I am the queen of "flitter-flattering" around the "dating/love world" he thrives in a serious relationship.

During his freshman year of college my brother met a beautiful blond name Lauren.  I won't get into the story of how they met exactly as it's not what's important.  What is important? That interaction in the dorms of UCLA brought two hearts together.  I remember hearing about Lauren over the next few months.  I loved that she had martial arts black belts (so does my brother) and loved the idea of a woman who could keep my brother in-line.  I loved her love for adventure.  And I loved that she hated onions too!

Dan and Lo have been dating since college and they are what you say in Hebrew, "B'Shert".  The literal translation of this is "meant to be" or "destined to be together".  I 100% believe that these two amazing people are destined to spend their lives together!

Over the years, I have fallen in love with Lauren as much as my brother has.  Ok, well prob not AS MUCH as my brother has, but I'm in a close 2nd running.  She is a beautiful woman both inside and out.  I am thankful that she and I have formed our own relationship and communicating with her directly is not only never awkward, it's always a true pleasure.  Hearing from Lo always brings a smile to my face.  Seeing her warms my heart.  And having her in my life makes me a better person. 

This past December, my brother and Lauren went on yet another European vacation (lucky!), this time to Eastern Europe.  While on their trip, on a cold and snowy night, my brother proposed to Lauren.  And of course, she said YES!!!  My brother called me the next morning (midnight Reno-time) to share the good news.  I think I cried on the phone.  I know I'm getting all chocked up now writing about it.

We all knew (or at least my family and I knew) that my brother was thinking of asking for Lauren's hand in marriage.  He came to Reno in October to discuss rings with my mom, and I was honored to be able to sit in on the convo.  My brother worked hard designing the ring of Lo's dreams, being super secretive the whole time. It felt like my brother was in the middle of some covert operation, that I was let in on.  And any mention of "the mission" would lead to a painful death.

The ring!
So needless to say, I have been waiting A WHILE to share this news.  Now that the ring is on Lauren's finger, and both of their facebook statuses have been changed to "engaged" I think it's safe for me to share my excitement. 

Wedding talk is already in the air, and I can't wait for everything this next year has in store.  But more then all the pomp and circumstance involved with the nuptials, I'm excited for the future. 

Through this union, I will be gaining a sister.  I have always wanted a sister, and have been secretly envious of all my friends who have that bond.  So within the next year or so, I will get the sister I've always wanted.  And not only that, I get the addition of more family!  You see, in addition to wanting a sister, I also wanted to come from a big family, as mine is pretty small. The addition of Lauren's family has my grinning from ear-to-ear.  I had the pleasure of meeting them this past Thanksgiving, and let me just tell you they are fantastic.  Her mom is so loving, her dad is hilarious with his accents, and her brother is like the little brother I always wanted (since Dan has always acted more mature then me). 

This next year is going to be an exciting one, and I can't wait to see how 2011 unfolds.  I have a feeling it's going to be a time of change, celebration, milestones, and new beginnings.

And with that said....
Congrats and a million Mazels to Daniel and Lauren!!!

As I Wait...

Sunday, January 16, 2011
My blogging location of the day.  The Apple Store!

Yet again, I have been neglecting this little blog of mine.

Let me blame it on vacation (and then the harsh return to reality)? Or maybe it was writer's block?  Over the last few weeks I've had plenty to write about, but I have felt completely uninspired to blog about all of it.

So here I am, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Reno, standing in the Apple Store waiting for my appointment so I can get my damn iPhone fixed.  You see, I woke up this morning and thought updating my phone sounding like a great idea.  Much to my dismay, there was an error and now my phone won't even turn on.  The solution: go to the Apple Store!

For all of you apple users out there, I know what you're going to say, "Sarah.  You should have made an appointment so you didn't waste time standing around the store waiting for them to free up."  Believe me, I thought about it.  But you see, my iPhone is my addiction and without it, I not only am cut-off from the whole world, I also feel completely NAKED! I thought I would take my chances and see if they had any immediate availabilities or cancellations.

Much to my dismay, they don't.  So here I am with about an hour and a half left to kill.  I thought about going home, but my house is on the complete opposite side of town, and the thought of driving back and forth seemed a waste to me.  Especially since I would probably go home and sit in front of the computer. I thought about browsing the mall out here, but the truth is I'm trying to cut down on my shopping habits and since there is nothing that I really need it's better that I don't even enter my favorite stores!

My alternative plan is to putz around here at the Apple Store.  Best case: someone won't show up for their appointment and I get in early. Worst case (which really isn't so bad): I update my blog, check my email, catch-up on some correspondence that I have been neglecting, and play with all the gadgets.  Really, all-in-all, this wait shouldn't be SO bad.

So with that said my lovely readers, I'm going to say goodbye for now.  But I DO promise that my departure this time won't be as long as last time.  I have some exciting things in the works for this little blog of mine that I can't wait to share with all of you.  I hope that you continue to follow me in this exciting journey!

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