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Monday, September 27, 2010

I know this is a little preliminary to say, but I love my new job! Yes, today was my first day but I'm already smitten. 

Within my first hour of training I found out that I'm eligible for complete benefits (which includes full medical coverage). I have been without health insurance for more time then I would like to admit, and I'm thrilled to know that in a mere 90 days I will have excellent dental, eye, and health care! Even better is all of my current doctors are covered by the School District's plan so I don't have to change anything. 
While some people hate going to the dentist, I LOVE IT! There is nothing like the feeling of freshly cleaned and polished teeth.  After almost a year of putting it off, I can't wait to see my dentist and get a good cleaning. When it comes to my eyes, I'm blind as a bat without my contacts or glasses.  I had my eyes checked recently for my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) Renewal  but did it at a WalMart Vision Center.  I can't wait to go back to my dreamy optometrist and gaze into his eyes has he inspects mine!

The good news continued today as soon as I got into the office and met with my new boss.  She immediately had me whip out my calendar and asked me to block off three days in October.  Turns out there is a state-wide conference in Vegas in the middle of next month and my attendance is requested.  By the time I left work today my airfare had been booked, hotel room had been confirmed (we're staying at Planet Hollywood), my conference registration had been paid for, and I was grinning from ear to ear.

 I love to travel, and when I can travel on the "company's dollar" it's even better.  The ironic thing is I was actually lamenting the other day about how much I was going to miss all of the work travel opportunities I had been given with my previous job.  During my 5+ years with my previous employer I went to conferences and trainings in Phoenix (twice), Vegas (several times), Baltimore, San Diego, Seattle, Salem (OR), Washington DC (several times), and Tampa...just to name a few.  When I found out that I get to travel with this job I was thrilled. 

Not only do I love to travel, I love attending conferences, meeting new people, and gaining new information and skills.  I'm even more excited about this trip because 20+ of my coworkers will be going to this conference with me, and it will give me a perfect opportunity to get to know everyone! And Vegas twice in a month?  How did I get so lucky?

So with all that said, I'm going to end this blog and start working my way through my 6+ inch thick Program Implementation Manual that I was given today.  Time to figure out what exactly is expected of me in this new job.  Minor details right?  Tee-Hee. 


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