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Sunday, January 16, 2011
My blogging location of the day.  The Apple Store!

Yet again, I have been neglecting this little blog of mine.

Let me blame it on vacation (and then the harsh return to reality)? Or maybe it was writer's block?  Over the last few weeks I've had plenty to write about, but I have felt completely uninspired to blog about all of it.

So here I am, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Reno, standing in the Apple Store waiting for my appointment so I can get my damn iPhone fixed.  You see, I woke up this morning and thought updating my phone sounding like a great idea.  Much to my dismay, there was an error and now my phone won't even turn on.  The solution: go to the Apple Store!

For all of you apple users out there, I know what you're going to say, "Sarah.  You should have made an appointment so you didn't waste time standing around the store waiting for them to free up."  Believe me, I thought about it.  But you see, my iPhone is my addiction and without it, I not only am cut-off from the whole world, I also feel completely NAKED! I thought I would take my chances and see if they had any immediate availabilities or cancellations.

Much to my dismay, they don't.  So here I am with about an hour and a half left to kill.  I thought about going home, but my house is on the complete opposite side of town, and the thought of driving back and forth seemed a waste to me.  Especially since I would probably go home and sit in front of the computer. I thought about browsing the mall out here, but the truth is I'm trying to cut down on my shopping habits and since there is nothing that I really need it's better that I don't even enter my favorite stores!

My alternative plan is to putz around here at the Apple Store.  Best case: someone won't show up for their appointment and I get in early. Worst case (which really isn't so bad): I update my blog, check my email, catch-up on some correspondence that I have been neglecting, and play with all the gadgets.  Really, all-in-all, this wait shouldn't be SO bad.

So with that said my lovely readers, I'm going to say goodbye for now.  But I DO promise that my departure this time won't be as long as last time.  I have some exciting things in the works for this little blog of mine that I can't wait to share with all of you.  I hope that you continue to follow me in this exciting journey!

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