Ending the Inner Grinch

Thursday, December 23, 2010
Well...vacation has been AH-MAZE-ING so far.  Since 3:30 last Friday I haven't been doing much.  I have been very productive at relaxing, "celebrating", and sleeping.

I have been running at top speed for the last semester.  School has DEF been a full-time job, and work (that I love) is for sure a full-time job.  I have enjoyed being so busy, but I am loving having two weeks off.

Besides just getting two weeks off, I really feel like I'm embracing the holidays this year. 

I'm a very celebratory person, but Christmas has always been one of my least favorite times of the year.  Growing up Jewish in Reno almost made me resent the holidays.  As a little girl I would get upset that no one knew what Chanukah was.  It would frustrate an 8 year-old me that people would wish me a Merry Christmas. When I was editor-in-chief of  my high school newspaper, I fought my whole staff against naming our holiday edition of the paper the "Red and Green".  I was so against the name change because it's obvious Christmas reference that I even got my rabbi involved.

Looking back to some of those past...well...let's call them "shinanigans" I can't help but laugh (but also shake my head).  Maybe it's just because I'm getting older.  Maybe it's because I'm more tolerant.  Maybe more open-minded?  Or dare I say...maybe more mature? 

I have realized that those sentiments of the past don't reflect my current mood or opinion.  I have realized that I love the holidays.  Yes people get crazy when it comes to shopping, but my general opinion is that people are in a better mood at this time of year.  And I love all of the celebration.  All of the bringing people closer.  I'm thrilled that I get to see so many people and great friends that I haven't had time to connect with these past four months or so. 

I still find Christmas Day a bit depressing.  When the rest of the world is closed and with family, opening presents, watching football, etc...I'm home, trying to keep myself entertained.  As a kid my mom would take us to the movies.  I remember a great year in Vegas where we spent the day riding the rides at the MGM Grand.  Now that I've gotten older some of my friends have taken mercy on me and have invited me to their Christmas Dinner.  I love being included in other families traditions.

Christmas CHEERS
And I think that's where I have re-found my love of this time of year.  I have realized that there is really no point in being resentful towards people.  Unless people know me, there is really no way someone would know that I'm Jewish.  Now, when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, instead of being pissed off, I'm just thankful that someone took the time to say SOMETHING to me at all.  Everyone is usually so caught up in their own worlds that a greeting can be rare.  The holidays seem to bring out the good in people.

I used to call myself The Grinch. And I guess I still have a fondness for the green guy. He too hated Christmas, until he had a change of heart...LITERALLY. The Grinch's heart starts off "two sizes too small" at the beginning of the story and grows three sizes by the end.

Holiday-Hater NO MORE!
 As we are just a couple days away from Santa's arrival, I'm actually going into this year's season the happiest I can ever remember being. I feel like I'm glowing and am so filled with love and good cheer.  Instead of being down about Christmas Day, I will be busy this year.  Plans are in the works and I'm looking forward to spending my day with those who are close to me.

But enough with all this mushy stuff (see...what's gotten into me?!?!). 


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