Choices We Take for Granted...

Friday, January 21, 2011

We make choices everyday. 

Some choices are easy and we do without thinking.
We choose to to open our eyes each day.  We choose to let air enter our lungs. We choose to continue to get out of bed each morning, face the world, and go on living.

Some choices are harder.
We choose what we want to wear.  We choose which career path we want to follow.  We choose our friends.  We choose how we're going to spend our day. 

Some choices are extremely difficult and not easy to make.
We may have to choose career vs love. We may choose to have put down an ill or old pet. We may have to choose groceries vs holiday presents. We may have to choose to take a loved one off of life-support. 

Others may agree with your choices, others my oppose your views.
But the thing is, it's OUR CHOICE!  That is part of the beauty of living in this country.  As Americans we get to choose how we live our lives.  We get to choose where we reside, and where we work, and what we do with our free time.  But most importantly....we get to choose what we do with our bodies!

Today is the 38th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  On this day, the Supreme Court decided that it's a woman's choice to have an abortion.  That was in 1973.  It is 2011 and even though access to abortion is legal, our right to it is anything but safe. Anti-choice groups attack our right to choose at every opportunity.

I am without a doubt pro-choice (if it's not already obvious).  When it comes to pregnancy and abortions, each woman is in their own unique situation.  What works for one woman may not work for others.  There are so many possible scenarios out there.  Who's to tell us what is right and what is wrong?  More importantly, what churches, clergy, and government officials think it's ok to tell a woman what SHE can do with HER body? 

Although I've never had to make the difficult decision to have an abortion, I am grateful that I have that choice.  And I am appreciative that I have the choice to have birth control available to me, so I won't bring a life into this world until I'm ready.

In honor of Roe vs Wade, bloggers nation-wide were invited to participate in the 6th annual Blog for Choice Day sponsored by the NARAL Pro-Choice America (READ MORE HERE). I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the response.  My friend Stephanie turned my on to today's initiative.  She wrote about a Pro-Choice America in her blog (CHECK IT OUT HERE).  To read other people's blogs, CLICK HERE.

So as we celebrate our ability to make choices today, I ask you...what do you take for granted?  What choices are you able to make because we have the legal, American right to?  Now think about what would happen if we had that ability of choose taken away.

Express yourself today!  And remember to appreciate what you have, as being able to choose is not only a luxury, it's a true blessing!


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