My Little Piece of ZEN

Friday, September 16, 2011
I previously mentioned that over the summer I purged my plethora of crap and remodeled my loft.  Over the years, this little space in my house had become a catch-all for just about everything.  It was originally intended to be a place for me to do my homework and for out-of-town guests to stay.

Six years later, my vision finally came to fruition. 
It is now my perfect writing/studying/meditation/inspiration/ZEN space. 

One of the things I'm most proud of is that I didn't spend much money to do all of this.  In total, I spent only about $120.  Most of the items I already owned and just found a new home for in the loft.  Most of the artwork I had invested in framing when I first moved into my house. Other things I have picked up throughout my world travels (the hamsa for example) or have acquired as gifts through other's travels (the tapestry came from my mom's most recent trip to Cambodia). 

Newly purchased items include:
   * Cube Shelving Structure (Staples - under $50)
   * Wall Decals and Circle Mirrors (Kohl's - about $10-$15 each)
   * Type Writer Art (ROSS - $7)
   * Whiteboard Planner (TJ Maxx - $20)
   * Inspiration Board (Aaron Brothers - ONE part of a promotion)

I'm thrilled with how this space turned out. It feels almost zen-like now, and I am inspired every time I walk up the stairs to my writing area.  I look forward to posting many blogs from here. 
Hope you look forward to reading....


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