Rediscovering Reno: Gone Country?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer is here, and that means so is the Rodeo.  The Reno Rodeo is an annual event that spans over the course of a week.  The Rodeo ends on Saturday and it's Thursday evening.  And...I'm going country!

I've lived in Reno almost my whole life. And I have to say, I've probably only been to the Reno Rodeo half a dozen times or so.  And I think the majority of those times have been with some kind of summer-camp or for work. 

Tonight, I'm actually going to the land of cowboys by choice.  What a change!  But really, what do I have to lose?  When I'm with good friends, and a flask of whisky hidden in my purse, how can I possibly go wrong?

I have my on my dark jeans, a cute strapless shirt (it's hot as hell today), and my pink-sparkly revolver necklace.  I'm ready for some RODEO!!!

Dare I say?  I had a blast!!!  It was a beautiful night in Reno.  The warm desert air mixed with a nice summer breeze made for a perfect evening.  As the sun set over the mountains, I sipped my margarita and watched some cowboys ride some bucking-broncos. 

And while I don't see this city slicker going country anytime soon, I have truly learned to appreciate the "country life". As I looked at cowboy hats last night, I realized the rodeo wasn't that bad at all. And as I blasted some Taylor Swift this morning as I was getting dressed, I realized that I will DEF be going back to the rodeo next year.  Ride 'em cowgirl!


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