Heart-Mind-Body-Soul: Change vs Transformation

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Change is a word that I've either used or have heard a lot recently. 

When I've used it, it's in the context of wanting to make life changes.  Changes in my physical appearance, changes in my "picking" ability when it comes to the opposite sex, changes in how I like to spend my free time, etc.

When others use "change", it's sometimes used to indicate that I have become a different (unrecognizable?) person. 

After hearing the word so many times I thought I would refer to Mr. Webster again. 

verb /CHānj/ 
1. Make or become different.
2. Make or become a different substance entirely; transform.

I guess that according to the definition, I am changed.  My tastes and interest have become different.

For example?  While I still love Hip-Hop music, who would have thought that I would also enjoy Country as well?  I used claim that listening to the twang of a country singer would make my ears bleed.  Now, I have downloaded songs by Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton because I like their music.  As one of my dear friends would say, "What the what Sarah?"

I guess I see "change" as a good thing right now.  And I honestly prefer to call what I'm "going through" as GROWING UP as opposed to changing. 

I like the last word, of the second definition: TRANSFORM.  I think that says it all.  While I am still the same person at the core (that could NEVER change).  I'm ready (and am currently taking steps) to make some improvements to the outside. 

And not to be all corny, but think of the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly.  Isn't it still the same creature at the core?   It still has the same soul, still has the same heart and brain.  It just does a little work on itself (inside the cocoon) and emerges as a more confident insect.  One that hugs the world with it's beautiful wings, instead of crawling through life on its belly.

While I will talk about this more over the next weeks in the "Heart-Mind-Body-Soul" section, I took a first step this week in transforming my external "happiness" by rejoining my gym.  Being an employee of the school district allows me a discounted rate at one of the nicest facilities in town. 

I love the gym because it has a pool.  I've always been a water-baby, and it felt great getting back into the water this morning for the Aqua Interval Class (a class that combines cardio and strength intervals). 

And with all that said, in the midst of all of this transformation stuff.....I admit it....I'm changing.

But is that really such a bad thing?  :-)

While editing this blog to the sound of the rain beginning to pour, I turned on "The Voice."  What song came one?  Adam Levine singing Michael Jackson's, "Man in the Mirror."  How appropriate for this blog!

"If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place.
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change!"



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