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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have mentioned before that I am slightly addicted to REALITY TV!  Usually I like the trashiest shows (Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives, etc) the most.  However, my newest addiction has much more of a redeemable value. 

Recently, I have become enthralled with a new show called "World of Jenks" on MTV.  At first it was the show's topic that drew me in.  In each episode, a 24 year old film maker named Andrew Jenks, spends a week with a person who lives a unique life -- be it a homeless woman, an NFL cheerleader, rapper Maino, a mixed martial artist, an army recruit, or a teen with autism.

My new FAV show!
Jenks (everyone calls him by his last name) takes his viewers on unforgettable journeys as he captures on film a wide range of voices and personal stories. He focuses his lens and creates a bond with his subject to tell the story of one person’s life, bringing viewers closer to understanding someone else’s reality. 

I find the show both inspirational and moving.  At the beginning of each episode Jenks meets each person as as a complete stranger. But after spending a week with that individual, he leaves not only as a close friend with that person, he also seems like he's a changed man. 

Besides the incredibly moving aspect of the show, it doesn't hurt that Jenks is ridiculously charming and good looking.  His adorable floppy-hair and long-nose reminds me of comedian Andy Samberg. And he has a perfect white smile that makes me want to smile every time I look at him. 

Andrew Jenks -- a TRIPLE THREAT: intellectual, articulate, and good looking!
So between his looks and his intellect, I have found myself smack-dab in the middle of another TV crush.  Move over Lane (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT REALITY TV CRUSHES OF DAYS PAST) make way for my Jenks-y! 

Andrew Jenks first got attention when he was a sophomore at NYU for his film "Andrew Jenks, Room 335." In the movie, Jenks moves into a retirement community and documented what it's like to be a senior citizen, and what they thought the "meaning of life" was.  Can you imagine being 19 years old and living with the elderly?  Talk about a life-changing experience!

At 21 years old, ESPN financed Andrew’s second film THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, which tracked Bobby Valentine, an American baseball coach who has become a national icon in Japan. The film premiered at the 2008 TriBeca Film Festival and, competing against 130 films, was in the top 10% for audience award voting.

Jenks kicking it with his senior friend in "Andrew Jenks, Room 335"
 Some of my friends think I'm crazy that I find Jenks ridiculously good looking.  Honestly, I find his looks only part of the attraction. His intellect, personality, and willingness to jump outside of his comfort zone to immerse himself in his subject's life is truly what draws me to him.

Each week I watch and DVR the new episode of "World of Jenks".  I then watch it again later on in the week and find myself just as impressed as I was on the first viewing. 

If you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend you give it a chance (Mondays on MTV at 10pm). I can almost guarantee you will find the show interesting, inspiring, and moving.  You too may develop a keen fondness of the talented Andrew Jenks.


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