I'm Back!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well, it has happened.  I hate to say it, but life has finally caught up to me!  Between class in the mornings, work in the afternoons, and an active social life....my dear blog has been neglected.

School is good, but I have so much reading that I have to admit it's kicking my ass a bit.  I am LOVING my new job and feel very blessed to have such great co-workers, amazing staff at my middle school, and a fun group of teens to work with everyday. And my social life? I have found that I don't have as much time to play as I did when I was "enjoying" my FUNemployment, but my social agenda is just as "interesting" as ever (my best friends can attest to that). 

The one thing that I have not made any time for is this blog.  I am actually disappointed that I haven't written anything since LAST Tuesday. There has been several times that I have turned on my computer, read my Huffington Post, and then fallen asleep before I had a chance to write a damn thing. 


Is it sick to admit that I was actually going through a bit of withdrawals from blogging?  I have really begun to enjoy writing this little thing and I feel like a piece of me has been missing since I haven't been on here.  It is nice to be back.

To my loyal readers, I'm sorry to leave you hanging for the last week.  I'm a work in progress (as is this blog) and I will make a valiant effort to not let this amount of time lapse between entries again. As my blog is called "Bear-ing It All", I also hope that you all BEAR with me! 

My next blog is an interesting one (or at least I hope it is perceived that way).  And actually, after you read my next post, please comment!  I would love to hear your opinions.

So until then my dear ones....


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