A Pinteresting Pursuit -- Valentine's Button Wreath

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

While browsing Pinterst, I came across a project that I knew would
(a) be easy and
(b) would be NO way I could mess up.

A Button Tree

When I pinned this craft, it was right after Christmas.  Now that it's February, I felt a button "tree" didn't fit my Valentine's decor currently adorning my walls.
So...I decided to adapt this craft to a Valentine's Button Wreath.

 Here's What You Need:
* Buttons - any color (I used pinks, purples, reds, and turquoise)
* Sewing Pins (you need a lot of these, I underestimated)
* A foam cutout - any shape (I used a wreath, use whatever shape calls to you)
* Hot Glue Gun (not mandatory, but helpful)

Here's How You Do It:
* Start by adding a sewing pin to a button, and placing it on your foam cutout.
* Continue doing this until no foam is visible.
* When you're happy with the way it looks, you're done!  Yes, that simple.
* NOTE: I ran out of pins towards the end, and didn't feel like buying more.  I pulled out my handy glue gun and glued on the
 non-visible buttons (the ones that fell on the sides of the wreath).

I am actually very happy with the way this wreath turned out.  I used every button I had, including the covers to the button jars (which looked like mega-large buttons).  I even glued one to the back to use as the wreath hanger.

I highly recommend this craft.  I don't think there's anyway you can mess this one up!


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