A Pinterest-ing Pursuit

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Pinterest-ing Pursuit?

Like many of my friends, I have been inspired by the newest on-line social networking site, Pinterest.
(ATTENTION: If you don't know what Pinterest is, stop what you're doing and visit the amazing website.)

For those out of the loop, Pinterst is a virtual bulletin board.
Think about the "old days" when you used to have different pin boards for your different interests
one for recipes, one for DIYs/crafts, one for travel dreams.
It's kind of like that, but in an online/social network setting. You "pin" the things you like.

What I've realized is that while many of us spend hours "pinning" our favorite cocktail recipes or crayon crafts...
VERY few of us actually complete the things we pin.

As I enter my 29th year, I decided to take on a year-long Pinterest related challenge.
Each week I will complete a different project off of my boards. Some weeks, I may do more.
The goal is complete 52 different Pinterest project.

I know many of you are on Pinterest, and I'm asking for your assistance.

Each week, the projects I complete will be based on what has the most "likes".
Get me outside of my comfort zone.  Have me bake Shirley Temple Cupcakes. Or think that Scrabble Coaster Set is cute?  I'll make that too. You, my lovely readers will influence my direction and focus for the next year!!!

Go to my page (visit the Bearing It All Pinterest page here) and browse the "PINTERESTing Pursuit" pages.  I have things broken down into different categories.

If you are not a member of Pinterest (and would like to be) email me for an invite:

Pinterest inpsired Valentine's Day button wreath.
Project post up SOON!

My intent is to do a write-up of each Pinterest project that I complete. 
You can follow my 52 weeks of progress here.

Thanks in advance who all those who help and support me on this year-long pursuit.
Happy Pinning!


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